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What Are Pros And Cons Of Instagram Advertising For Business?

Instagram is the increasing platform that improves business with its upgraded feature. It is a great decision for startups as well as traditional businesses to opt for Instagram features such as business profiles.

We are here looking closely into the pros and cons of Instagram advertising for business and understand how to make use of it. If you are interested in learning more about the aspect, do consider reading details until the end.

Pros and cons of Instagram advertising!

Instagram is an important feature for everyone for the seller as well as the marketer. Business can be benefitted incredibly with optimal use of Instagram advertising due to the increasing popularity of the business.


Drives traffic to the website: Instagram ads assist in understanding the business to include clickable links to promoted posts. Ability to consist of a call to action with a link in a promoted post is extremely helpful driving traffic to your website.

Increase brand awareness: Instagram post as an advertisement boost awareness before your target audience. Post of your brand would appear into the newsfeed of your target audience and helping them to know more about the brand.

These are the top benefits of using Instagram for the business.

promotion on InstagramCons

Less effective: there is no denial into the aspect that instagram is an leading platform; however, it is not as effective as it doesn’t allow users for the clickable link into the post. Your target audience would be just double taping on your posts instead of clicking and visiting your website.

The less advanced Instagram ad features: promotion on Instagram is simple but not exemplary. Instagram does not offer effective features like Facebook. Advanced tools are required for advertising for businesses, so these are some of the disadvantages of using Instagram for business and not really worth the cost.