Living With A Someone You Hate The Most

Living With A Someone You Hate The Most

Everyone interacts with a wide spectrum of people, from our favorite and the most loved ones to the people whose presence make our blood boil. There are some occasions, in which People may have the possibility to live with someone they hate. In that case, for many of us, our ideal lives involve not having to interact with these people at any cause.

Learn to communicate with a difficult person

The possibility of communicating with an unpleasant person will not be effective and there lie some difficulties.

In order to overcome, evaluate your own actions and be a better person. The person may make you uncomfortable to be with but you prepare to interact respectfully. For instance considering a couple who live with a spouse you hate in which one dislikes the other, in that situation initiate a rapport and give the impression of wanting to talk your spouse.

Betterment in approaching the person you hate

There are some realistic approaches made to deal with a person you hate the most. They are

  • Start with yourself
  • Accept your difference
  • Refuse to engage
  • Refocus
  • Reset

Tools to get through these interactions in a healthier way

When there is an interaction to deal with the people you hate, there are some tools which help to make a better way of healthier communication

  • deal with the people you hateTo have a clear plan and mentally rehearse for it which serves yourself well by being adequately prepared for different possibilities.
  • Make a practice of self-care beforehand. This only can make you stronger and better prepared to tolerate adverse conditions and keep your resilience intact.
  • The people who are the most successful in keeping an even keel when they are in emotionally difficult situations are often the people who are mindful of their physical body.
  • Try do not personalize those communications that with the person you don’t like and don’t expend any mental energy on them with a reaction.
  • Just to remember that you are loved by someone makes you feel relaxed and neutralize your sensitivity.
  • Rather than hurting a person you dislike, try compassion which helps in sending them the thoughts for mercy and goodwill that alleviate anger and hateful feelings.
  • Establish what you do not want to have happened in the interaction, and stick to your own boundaries.
  • Keep a comrade close by, who help logistically by aiding in your escape route.
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